The Athena Protocol

A portion of proceeds from sales of The Athena Protocol will be donated to Headwaters Relief Organization to assist in the prevention of human trafficking. Please click here for more details.

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Jessie is a young, ambitious and hot-headed agent at Athena – a top secret, socially conscious, all-female organization that recruits brilliant young women and trains them in skills from coding to weaponry to combat injustices against women and children around the world. Athena’s leaders, one of whom is Jessie’s mother, have a strict policy that their agents never kill, so when Jessie loses control on a job and compromises the secrecy of the agency, she’s kicked off the team, with her own mother dismissing her without a second glance. But Jessie’s work for Athena and its mission is her identity, and she’s not going to stand by as her former colleagues set off to take down a human trafficking kingpin in Belgrade.

Desperate to prove herself, Jessie launches her own investigation—but going rogue means there’s no one there to watch her back as she gets closer to the horrifying truth behind the Belgrade operation. And in spite of herself, she’s falling for a woman who is likely behind the very evil she’s striving to take down.


“Imagine if Mission: Impossible were run by young, brilliant, ultra-skilled female operatives who undertook rogue operations to save the women and girls of the world from kidnappers and traffickers. Shamim Sarif has written a ferocious, take-no-prisoners thriller that actually thrills, with a deep heart and characters you’ll adore. What a wonderful and exciting new voice in YA. More please!”

Patrick Ness, NY Times Bestselling Author of A MONSTER CALLS and THE REST OF US JUST LIVE HERE

“Finally! The female version of James Bond we’ve been waiting for! Only better — this team of black-ops spies exclusively kick ass and take the names of those who prey on women and girls: warlords and human traffickers. With a diverse cast of heroes and villains, a global scope, and just a hint of romance, it makes taking down the patriarchy fun.”

Natalie C. Anderson, author of CITY OF SAINTS & THIEVES

“This riveting, female-centered romp includes diverse characters—African American, Palestinian, South Asian British—who have layered and complex backstories. Jessie examines her privilege with occasional flippant snark and questions global power dynamics and the treatment of women around the world…Thrillingly representative female empowerment.” Click here to read full review.

Kirkus Reviews

“A fascinating and action-packed read that features some incredible female characters with broad appeal for fans of thrillers and spy stories…a must-read.” Click here to read full review.

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