The Shadow Mission

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The Shadow Mission


Jessie Archer is a headstrong young woman – and the most talented agent working for Athena, a secret rogue agency dedicated to helping women that governments don’t care about.

She and her team are tasked with finding out who is terrorising girls’ schools in India dedicated to helping teenagers find a route out of arranged marriages – and they come up against a powerful, ruthless consortium determined to resist progress at any cost.

As Jessie embarks on a life-threatening mission to stop a new attack, she teams with a young woman from the Mumbai police force. But as the clock ticks down, the Athena women are forced into an impossible moral dilemma – sacrifice someone close to them or lose hundreds of lives.



““Finally! The female version of James Bond we’ve been waiting for! Only better — this team of black-ops spies exclusively kick ass and take the names of those who prey on women and girls: With a global scope, and just a hint of romance, it makes taking down the patriarchy fun.” 

Natalie C. Anderson, author of CITY OF SAINTS & THIEVES